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Leadership: How to lead people and the team?

This article will tell you not only about how to become a leader yourself but also how not to lose your voice next to such people. Based on the opinions of psychologists and coaches, we described various types of leaders and methods of communicating with them, revealed practical tips on how to improve your ability to lead, and sorted out the traits inherent in a leader and how to develop them at home. We believe that any skill can be improved, so we have created an article that is as clear and balanced as possible, where you will find not only theory but also practice.

The Nature of Leadership

In any team, a person attracts all the attention to themselves—the one who takes the initiative and leads the others. The opinion of such people is listened to. They are admired. They are respected. And sometimes they even change history. These are the leaders.
Italian psychologist Antonio Meneghetti called the leaders "little geniuses of life." We meet them everywhere: among colleagues and parents, teachers, athletes, and even bloggers. Leaders are associated with self-confident people who consistently achieve their goals. You involuntarily reach out to such people and try to imitate them. Many people want to become authentic leaders, but only a few succeed. What is the secret of the influence of these people, and how to become one of them? And most importantly—why is it necessary?

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