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The Secret History of Freemasonry: Who are they?

The Origins
What do you think about Freemasons? Who are they? Some consider Freemasonry a secretive group of people with influence over politics and economics. Others see Freemasonry as a charitable organization that seeks its members' spiritual and personal development. Let's figure it out! Freemasonry has quite a long history, which began more than 300 years ago in Europe. Some historians associate the origin of Freemasonry with masons who built cathedrals and castles in the Middle Ages. At that time, the masons had secret knowledge and rituals passed on only by heredity. In 1717, the first Masonic lodge was founded in London, which became the starting point for spreading Freemasonry throughout Europe and later in other parts of the world. In the XVIII and XIX centuries, Freemasonry continued to develop and became one of the most influential organizations of its time.

Principles and Symbols
Thus, Freemasonry is a philosophical and fraternal organization that encourages its members to follow certain moral and ethical principles. Do not forget, however, that Freemasonry is not uniform but divided into lodges.

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